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Tolas Health Care Packaging - Marketing Minutes

As described in the April issue of Marketing Minutes, Tolas' Co-op Program was developed to promote relationships with businesses that compliment Tolas (such as equipment manufacturers, distributors, etc...) with the goal of gaining additional advertising for our company. Tolas will achieve this by supplying packaging materials imprinted with the Tolas name and logo to our partners in the program for their demonstration purposes at tradeshows. About Packaging Robotics, Inc. is one of a number of companies that will be using Tolas packaging at the MD&M East 2000 exposition in June.

About Packaging Robotics has been manufacturing robotic package handling systems for use in the medical, industrial, and food industries since 1981. Their systems are engineered to open, fill, transport, seal, code, and label a variety or premade pouches and bags. About Packaging Robotics designed their systems to fill the gap between operator-dependant, high maintenance-personnel cost, form-fill and seal machines, and costly manual package handling.

Tolas will supply five different pouches for use on three different About Packaging Robotics' machines: the Pouchmaster ABS(Automatic Bar Sealer) system, the PAL Labelmaster, and the Thermal Printmaster.

The Pouchmaster ABS system is designed to open premade pouches and bags of all barrier material types and sizes including Tyvek and foils. The Automated Bar Sealer gives repeatable , validateable seals as a completion to the open/fill process. The system operates on a 1.5 second indexing time, plus fill and seal, and can process pouches up to twelve inches wide, or any multiple thereof. It can vacuum/gas flush, emboss code as part of the heat seal process, and print data acquisition of the bar seal parameters. Accommodating from one to four pouches per machine index, production rates can approach forty pouches per minute. About Packaging Robotics will be demonstrating this system using 6" x 9" TPF-0521/TPF-0501A and TPP-0032/TPF-0501A pouches supplied by Tolas.

The PAL Labelmaster is a menu-driven, thermal print, PC controlled system. Software can provide graphic displays, line text, bar codes and variable print data on blank or partially preprinted die-cut labels, at a rate of twelve inches of media stock per second. Tolas' TPC-0760B/TPC-0765B will be used to demonstrate the capabilities of this machine.

The Thermal Printmaster prints directly to the flat media, pouches, lidding stock, bags, and flats with a maximum width of six inches. It fills the need for product identification without the need of additional label-stock cost. TPT-0268/TPF-0501A and TPT-021C/TPF-0501A pouches by Tolas will be used on this system.

About Packaging Robotics will be located at booth 1633 at the MD&M East 2000 show, only two booths away from Tolas' own booth, 1625. Hopefully, this close proximity, in combination with the partnership developed throughTolas' Co-op Program, will result in an increased number of leads, which in turn can mean increased business and sales for both About Packaging Robotics, Inc. and Tolas Health Care Packaging.

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