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Twin ABS Poucher For heavy, bulky product in excessive of 1/2 pound, About Packaging Robotics introduced the Twin ABS Poucher™. The linear design enables two bar seal systems to operate from a central magazine for pouch pick up. The Twin ABS Poucher™ combines the technology of the Automatic Bar Seal System with a linear transport. The pouches are picked from the twenty-four inch deep magazine and immediately secured by Pinch 'n Pull Gripper Fingers. The product is loaded at the point of pick-up; the gripper fingers assuring Total Pouch Control, then transported in a linear fashion to one of two bar sealers. The filled pouch can be gas flushed or vacuum packed at the bar seal station, then closed, sealed, coded and discharged for pack-off. As the first set of pouches are being closed and sealed, a second set of pouches are being picked at the magazine for product insertion. This linear forward/reverse coordination insures no loss of time during the packaging process.

If an automatic filler is used, a signal is sent both to initiate fill and completion of that cycle. If an automatic filler is not used; the cycle is controlled by use of either a foot pedal or a load cycle timer. All three cycle options are standard with the Twin ABS Poucher™. A single bar seal system is also available with all options intact.

If Controlled Atmosphere Packaging or Modified Atmosphere Packaging is required, the pouch remains open as it is being transported to the bar sealer. At the seal station, a diving snorkel enters the bag for vacuum and/or purging. A pre closure mechanism encapsulates the snorkel, and the cycle is initiated. Upon completion, the snorkel retracts and the Bar Sealer closed and seals the pouch. Emboss coding takes place synonymous with the sealing procedure. The sealed pouch is ejected and the cycle continues. As the Pinch 'n Pull Gripper Fingers are returning to the magazine; filled pouches are simultaneously moving toward the opposite bar seal station.

The custom vacuum plates can hold a variety of pouch patterns. Color-coded vacuum barbs enable the operator to transfer vacuum cups and plugs quickly to change from one pouch size to another. The magazine side rails are easily adjustable to accommodate various pouch widths; and magazine inserts immediately adjust the pouch height to the proper dimension.

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