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Utilizing the pick and place technology of the Pouchmaster™ ABS System, with a horizontal magazine and fill stations, the Horizontal ABS Poucher™ is the answer to processing items such as cassettes and other products that must maintain a lay-flat position.

This dual rotary dial system incorporates infeed conveyor, bag acquisition, bag qualification, bag opening, product insertion, gas/vacuum, heat sealing and emboss coding in a fully integrated, self-contained process tool.

The pouch is picked from the horizontal magazine and inserted onto the carousel tray. After indexing ninety-degrees, the pouch is opened and the product inserted. The bag opening station device assures proper product placement in the inner bag. A bag-qualifying system assures that the bag opening is compatible with insertion of product. The filled inner bag indexes to the Horizontal Bar Sealer for closing and sealing. After the seal cycle, the bag idexes to the second carousel via a placement funnel. As the bag passes from the placement funnel, it is immediately inserted into the outer packaging. The double-bagged product index to the second Horizontal Bar Sealer for closing, vacuum purging and sealing. The completed Bag-in-a-bag is transported via a conveyor system for pack-off.

The Double-Bagging System assures the containment of product. Vacuum processing enables compact processing to eliminate ambient air between bags.

This system is ideal for cassettes and other fragile items. The pouch opening device holds the pouches open as qualification fingers identify that the opening is compliant to product size.

The Horizontal ABS Poucher™ is constructed with welded steel support frames. It contains two, four-station indexing tables and two product loading stations. The frame is powder-coated-epoxy. The enclosure is rated NEMA 12 for all controls.

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