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Pouchmaster ABS System For processing product of eight ounces or less, the Pouchmaster™ Automatic Bar Seal System is the next step on the automated package handling line. The ABS picks the filled pouches from the Pouchmaster™ XII and places them into the jaws of the automatic bar sealer; where the latest in constant heat, bar-sealing technology takes over. The pouches are sealed and released, with consistent orientation for inspection and carton packaging. Automated Bar SealThe pouches can be emboss-coded during the heat sealing process. The pressure regulated bar sealer comes equipped with an adjustable, digital dwell timer. Both the bar sealer and the PID temperature controller feature an audible and visual alarm output.

Should the ABS exceed any of its critical, menu-driven parameters, the system will automatically shut down and alert the operator to the problem.

Pouchmaster ABS System The Pouchmaster™ ABS System can also be equipped with a diving snorkel-type vacuum and/or gas flush system; for repeatable, validatable, Modified or Controlled Atmosphere Packaging.

Data Acquisition of the processing parameters can be stored and retrieved via computer interface. Accessible parameters include; time, date, cycle count, lot number, expiration date, seal temperature and pressure, dwell time, gas flushing time and pressure, vacuum pressure and vacuum processing time, assuring batch-to-batch consistency through a permanent record of processing conditions. These built-in software parameters minimize costly inspection and re-work.

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  • Alarm System is audible and stops the ABS from processing
  • Pressure regulator and gauge system assure bar seal cylinder control
  • Conforms to OSHA guidelines
  • Reduces chances for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Quick pouch size changeover to accommodate multiple pouch sizes
  • Automatic and manual operation settings
  • Interchangeable seal bar and code module
  • Portable 5' L x 3' W x 4' H
  • Substantially reduce rejects and costly rework
  • Minimal operator training
  • Eliminates manual intensive package handling and bio-burden
  • Ergonomic Product Loading

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  • Satisfies FDA Process Validation guidelines
  • PID Temperature controller with two (2) line panel mounted LED for process and set value
  • Precisely controlled temperature dwell and pressure
  • Constant heat bar sealing technology
  • Repeatable MAP-CAP and Aseptic sealing
  • Process validation printout
  • Assists GMP Compliance
  • Emboss coding System for Lot # and Exp. date
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)
  • MMI Interface Screen
  • Menu Driven - Self Diagnostic
  • Stainless steel and plated construction
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • Data Acquisition of the Bar Seal Parameters
  • Snorkel Style gas flush and/or vacuum processing
  • Pinch 'N Pull gripper fingers
  • Software and Interfacing to Auto Fillers
  • Custom automatic product loading systems


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