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Pouchmaster PAC The Pouchmaster™ PAC system starts with the Pouchmaster™ XII and employs conveyors and rotary closure systems to process products from 1/2 pound to 15 pounds; into premade bags. The bags are opened, filled and released onto a flat-bed conveyor system where an Automatic Gusset Tucking System prepares them to be fed into a Rotary Bag Closure System.

The modularity of the Pouchmaster™ work cells enable a multitude of customized solutions to your package handling needs.

Workstations, conveyors, sealers, and off-loading stations can be configured and arranged to suit a variety of system requirements.

The Pouchmaster™ PAC System is a concept, specifically designed to address the ever-changing requirements of the contract packager and manufacturer. Our Pouchmaster™ Combo System includes a flat-bed conveyor to accommodate heavier bags, as well as Bar-Seal system to accommodate lighter weight pouches, with as many as two or three loading stations.

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